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Yuvraj regains test form.

by Gaurav Sethi

After being out of the team for more than five days, it’s obvious Yuvraj has brushed up his test skills, even regained his test form. Then again, it’s not like he was unfit or out of form for tests, it was just that he continued to play one-dayers and T20s. Yuvraj, one must grasp, is a batsman more in the classical mode, on the lines of a Rahul Dravid, who may not make the limited overs squad, but is a sure shot for the test team.

It can be argued that Yuvraj did not bat in the last test he played against Bangladesh, (Jan, 2010), but MSD declared at 8 down; also the other classical test bat, Dravid, was already retired hurt – clearly they did not want to risk Yuvraj too, for there was a frantic limited overs calendar ahead, not least the IPL.

Yuvraj did of course bowl two overs, economically at 3 runs per over.
Prior to this, Yuvraj more than doubled his test score against B’desh from 12 to 25. Here too, be maintained his 3 rpo stats, pieing down 5 overs.

Yuvi’s detractors will bring up his weak IPL run, but how many times must I say, the IPL no indicator of test class, and Yuvi is a test bat first, and then a swinger. Rahul, come on, speak up for your fellow player.


straight point said...

the form was bound to come after the 'testing' time...

ram5160 said...

i hope ur being sarcastic.