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RDX: Another Setback

by Bored Guest

I have followed the Asia Cup closely, and while the win is heartening for Indian cricket, personally, it’s a setback for me. It rules out any chance I had to make a comeback to the one-day squad. The process for my return was set-up by an early exit in Zimbabwe, but that was a team sans seniors.

Raina and Rohit are shaping up well, and that doesn’t augur well for me – next thing I know, the heat will be on my test spot. But before me, I think VVS has some serious worrying to do. It’s just that he doesn’t take to worrying. That guy has been humiliated (even more than me) but still he smiles. He doesn’t know the meaning of pressure.

While Sachin can be picky enough to select his tours, I have no choice to play the test crumbs that come my way. Right now I’d be quite happy if the IPL was 24 X 7, it’ll give us at RCB another shot at the trophy.

But before that there’s a test series to be played in Sri Lanka. It’s been a long time, and I didn’t recognize some of the players. Yuvi’s back and he sits up front – we have reserved two seats for him in the team bus. It’s official, he is now called fat boy slim. And you all know who came up with that name – Yuvi himself! He even has a name for me, he calls me wallflower.

by RDX
This is the third in a series of posts by RDX, exclusively for Bored Cricket Crazy Indians.

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