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Zimbabwe let India down, again.

by Naked Cricket

It isn't India's fault, really. It isn't Yusuf Pathan's fault for taking a short ball on the body. He can't play them, how the hell will he try and hit them? It isn't BossDK's fault, he likes playing the reverse of straight. It isn't Murali Vijay's fault, he's new to so many formats in so little time. It isn't Amit Mishra's fault, he's not used to playing three games on the trot. It isn't Yadav's fault, he still doesn't know how he has the visa to play here. It isn't Nohit Sharma and Raina's fault, they were unlucky to get run-out. It isn't Kirsten's fault, this is too close to home.

It is Brendan Taylor's fault, who does he think he is, Andy Flower? It is Andy Blignaut's fault, who does he think he is, Heath Streak? It is the other Zim boys' fault, who neither you nor I nor our team know by name, face or the clubs. They are Zim-babe-way, no way are they supposed to play like this. How could they? Send them a showcause notice. Then let's see how they defend themselves. Hah! Zim-babe-way, they can't even make it to the IPL.


Ducking Beamers said...

Such a strange result, no? Then again, Zimbabwe have always challenged India; it's just embarrassing for a team without Heath Streak, the Flower Brothers, etc., to so handily defeat the Indians.

And once again, India's chances depend on Sri Lanka -- I'm getting a bit tired of this storyline.

junk said...

who the hell is this yadav anyway where did he spring up from,

junk said...

gambhir, sehwag, yuvraj, dhoni, zaheer, harbhajan, nehra; sachin, amazingly most of these are nearing or over 30; so what happens when they quit and our second string becomes the first choice; shudder

Anonymous said...

I think the standard of cricket as a game has come down slightly because of so many matches.

Anonymous said...

Some players look bored.