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The Aussie Blog World Reacts to Elbowgate

by raj

Monkey1: I didnt see nothin'

(Monkey 1 preaches humanism and pretends to love all races, in general dispenses advice to others not to be divisive but ofcourse, does this by maintaining deathly silence on Aussie transgressions and proclaiming the offenders great fair cricketers when they score a century or achieve some statistical feat)

Monkey2: Didnt hear nothin'

(Monkey2, actually an aggregation of the typical ranting Aussie, who will safely throw "reverse racism" at anyone pointing out a genuine fault of their countrymen)

Monkey3: Wont say nuthin'

(Monkey3 has a great sense of humour, mostly not related to actual Cricket, and will milk such a scenario otherwise but again, deathly silence)

P.S: The reference is to Gandhi's monkeys. This should not be taken as a literal interpretation that I am calling Aussies monkeys :-). In case, monkey is offensive, I am willing to replace it with Bas**rd as I am told it is a great term of endearment among Aussies.

P.S 2: The references are to general prototypes. No living or dead person is alluded to ;-)

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hilarious Raj.

Benefit of doubt to the Aussie bloggers, they were playing Pakistan - and that beats the pants off a harmless nudge nudge