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Player Profile: Bhajji

by Gaurav Sethi

Bhajji is one of the prime reasons cricket is still alive in spite of itself. Not so much of what he achieves as a player, but what he has accomplished as an anti administrator. His every move on the field is take that you corrupt, unfeeling bureaucratic babus. It must be said that the only reason the cricket world tolerates Bhajji is because deep down they want to be like him. World cricket is in awe of Bhajji, they either love him or hate him.

Behind the volatile exterior is a simple, straight forward Punjabi lad that plays the game like any kid with a deep love for it. In a world of pre-programmed players, Bhajji had it in him to slap Sree (most players knew it was a longtime coming), airlift Neeta Ambani, be every players best buddy, including Sachin Tendulkar, be every Aussies worst nightmare.

At the height of his cricket stardom, Bhajji realized it was incidental that he was playing cricket. It was far more important to play the people. And even though many were aware of Bhajji’s manipulation, they were taken in by his war-cries, chest beating, sledging, name calling, because behind this was an outspoken innocence that was in contradiction to his Machiavellian ways.