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Bored Profiles: Chris Harris

by Gaurav Sethi

(Left: Harris in tests, Right: Harris in ODIs)
Harris was not a cricketer, he was a quandary. When he played limited overs cricket, and pulled it off you wondered why he didn’t play more – and when he played some tests, you wondered, why did he even bother. Figures, he played well over 200 one-dayers, and barely 20 tests. Harris was responsible for the phrase “honest cricketer who gives it his all”. He was great off his own bowling, which is why captains were often tempted to make him bowl others’ quota in the death overs. Even though Harris has not played international cricket in years, his bald earnestness will always linger. Today, the Kiwis need more like him. Or Nicolas Cage. Either way, they’re the same person.

(drawn on recycled paper)

1 comment:

Ankit Poddar said...

thanks for that nicholas cage insight! for years i have been wondering, who does the other look like?! which one and which other, you decide, either ways they are the same person!