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Why no DKNY?

by pRAFs

The Indian selectors have decided to send Wriddhiman Saha as a backup to MS Dhoni for the Sri Lanka test series. One man who should be particularly pissed off is Dinesh Karthik.

The bugger's number seems to be on their Speed Dials whenever they need a replacement. How many times have we read Karthik being called in to either provide cover or to replace a batsman?

The guy has done a reasonably fair job in whatever chances he's got few and far between.

He was asked to open the Innings in test matches, he did it.
Asked to open in ODI's, done.

A test batting average of 27.

The number of tests he's played
2010 : 1 (so far)

2009 : 1

2008 : 2

2007 : 9

ODI batting average of 30. Still pretty handy for a keeper in these times.
Brad Haddin -32, Mark Boucher- 28, Kamran Akmal - 26, Matt Prior - 25, are a few samples you might want to look at.

He may not really be the explosive type that seems to be imperative for keepers these days. But, bat he can.

He isn't even a liability behind the stumps. Okay, i do still remember that backhand flick that he attempted at the stumps and missed while Dilshan was at the other end of the pitch

Saha might be someone for the future, but from whatever was seen in the SA tests at home, he clearly isn't ready for the big stage yet. Why not someone who's been in the set up for some time now?

What really is the motive behind sending Saha instead of Karthik?
what message does the Board wanna give to Karthik?
Do they just expect him to be the replacement guy all the time. Doesn't he deserve a longer run in the team.

He does goof up at times with the simplest of chances or either throws his wicket away when set for a good score. But the least the lad deserves is a decent run.

There really isn't much sense in making him the go to guy in case of an emergency and giving him the thumbs down when it comes to a proper stint.

Like Ali-G would say, KEEP IT REAL, guys.

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