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The rapist pitch

by Dhaanu

Centuries ago, people used to call the pitch at the Sharjah a bowlers nightmare. The pitch on which the current match is going on and countless such airstrips masquerading as pitches in the subcontinent seem to have gone a step further. Just 4 wickets gone in just two days. That means a dismissal every one and a half session. A wicket every 44.3 overs. Heck, I could have survived a few overs on this "pitch".

Admitted, the bowling on display was not great. However as seen in the last match, a little help transformed the Indian pea shooters to at least the "competent" level. Here help was in the form of the opposing captain saying "I Declare". The Lankan bowlers must have cringed on hearing those words.

Anjelo Matthews was warned officially for running on the pitch. I have a sneaking suspicion that he purposely danced on the pitch so that he could be banned and his sanity saved. If that is the case, I admire the fella.

This ain't a bowlers' graveyard. After toiling hard, if you get a century of runs made against you, you would prefer to be dead. Graveyard is where the dead rest undisturbed. Bowlers would wish to go spend the rest of their lives in the grave if they were told to bowl on pitches like these for the rest of their lives.

This thing is an undead bowler rapist.

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