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RDX: Run outs can be funny

by Bored Guest

Before my run-out we had not run many singles. At first it felt good to get the circulation in the legs going. Even though a single to mid off can be tricky, Malinga was quite deep. After the single, we ran off a miss-field. It was a senseless run, and I have taken many such senseless runs in my career. But it is always disappointing. I really felt like hurling my bat, but somehow better sense prevailed. Later in the dressing room, Yuvi and Bhajji started to refer to me as Inzi. Gambhir begged to differ, laying claim to being the Inzi in the Indian team. We were still laughing when Sachin walked back. Evidently he wasn’t amused. After stumps, Viru congratulated me on getting run out again.

1 comment:

Megha said...

Is that really you in Galle or is that an imposter?