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Some ads subtract.

by Bored Guest

According to Nimbus sport, India can use the UDRS (Umpire Decision Review System) if and when the BCCI approves it.

Frankly I’m not very pleased to know that Neo Cricket can handle the technology that UDRS requires. What hassles me are the ads.

After Set Max screwed around with the ads, Neo went a step further during the Asia cup showing ads every damn ball.

Forget the video, Nimbus had audio ads planted where Arun Lal and Laxman Sivaramakrishnan yapped to eternity about this company called Micromaxxx.

Now if BCCI gives UDRS a go, I wonder how thrilled the money bags at Nimbus will be?

I feel sorry for the creative guys. Can you imagine the vague ideas they’ll have to come up with – the scene could be something like...

Dhoni appeals...appeal denied by umpire Harper....Dhoni opts for a review after consulting Harbhajan Singh. And then the unwanted happens...

"And Dhoni has gone for a Tata Docomo review", screams Ravi Shastri...And as soon as he says that, Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Donald join him and the trio sing "tu tu du, tu tu du" – the by now obnoxious Docomo tune as the technology tries and reviews the decision. That goes on for 30 seconds before the decision is made.

Can you take that every review? And if Ravi, Sunny, and Allan refuse to sing, they'll be asked to do something like...

"And Dhoni has gone for the IDEA review", screams Ravi. This time Sunny and Allan, along with Ravi shout, "What an IDEA sirji?"

Also don’t be surprised to hear something like…

“And Ponting has gone for the Manikchand review. Unche log, unchi pasand.”

And if Idea and Docomo don't invest, there’s always micromaxxx.

by Rahul Bhagchandani
who blogs at Snicked Cricket

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