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The futility of applying Randivian tactics for social welfare

by Bhaskar Khaund

INT . Inside BCCI offices. Some time in the near future. Much water , if not spirit-of-cricket , has flowed under the bridge since Randiv famously thrust his worst foot forward. We come in to the scene when a BCCI fixtures scheduling meeting is on . In attendance are the fixtures committee and a very socially-conscientious Bored Peon.
CHAIRMAN : " Hmm , OK , up next for us is a Sri Lanka series. 25 tests , 50 ODI's and 100 T20's , that will take care of the six months begining Aug 1st , 2013."
The s-c. Bored Peon , an adherent of sorts of Randiv's revolutionary tactics , very quickly and very deftly turns the pages of the calendar forward by a year.
BORED PEON (brightly) : " But sir , we are already in Aug 2014 - so we are past that date. I don't think the tour can take place now , sir"
CHAIRMAN : " What ! Oh , i see. Oh well , never mind. Let's start the tour tommorow then"
Meeting ends. We find a despondent s-c. B.P. utter a hollow groan.
BORED PEON (to himself) : " Nahi , nahi , nahi ! Not another Ind-SL series , please sir ji !!!! We can't take it anymore - those 22 bored players , those nine spectators and half a dog in the stands. No , we can't ! Society . . . , this country , .....why , humanity ...will collapse. ..."
ENTER News TV journalist
TV J (to camera) : " Breaking news , live from the BCCI . Collapse of humanity is imminent , says Bored Peon !"
to BORED PEON " But half a dog in the stands watching an IND-SL match you said .Explain? "
BORED PEON : " Yeah , its mind is not on the game."

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