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Happy Bored Day Damith

by Gaurav Sethi

Those were the days of liberalization on Bored, there was a Sri Lankan, Damith, and a Pakistani, Q. There were others from across the border and NRIs who were more Indian than the residents. Those were the days, almost like Beirut in the 60s.

While on Bored, Damith took on Q in a Master Debate, he then took himself down under. Unlike the dodgy deals between the BCCI and SLC, that ensure the teams play each in their sleep, no such arrangements between BCC! and Damith. Does that explain Damith’s absence from Bored? Oh well, Happy Bored Day Damith.

You can read Damith's posts on Bored here


Homer said...

Happy Birthday Damith :)


Damith S. said...

thanks homer and everyone..been rather busy lately hence my absence from all things blogging..i hope to be back soon !

cheers one and all !

straight point said...

happy bored day damith... hope to see more of you...