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Happy Bored Day Mahek!

by Gaurav Sethi

Given a chance, Mahek will debate on the virtues of stumpcam with a stump. Two words you will not find in his lexicon, ‘no comment’. Yeah, he’s that hot on the blog scene and twitter, once I actually saw him carrying on a debate all by himself. Not hard to believe, for if you visit his blog, there are two contributors, Mahek and Mahek.

Mahek actually won the first major Bored Game, in addition to much easier ones on cricinfo. He can be more of a Delhiwallah than me, and he’s not even lived here all his life. He can swing from hardcore street Dilli to an articulate, dispassionate cricket fan in the blink of an eye. For me, those are the most mast cricket fans, guys who are not one-dimensional or holier than thou cricket snobs. Happy Bored Day Mahek, lage raho!

You can read Mahek's posts on Bored here.


straight point said...

happy bored day mahek!!

lagaaye rakho!

Anil Singh said...

Mahek, when you debate with someone; you make the other person retain test like concentration all the time. That's why you help bring much ideas to a debate or conversation.

Happy B' Day. Enjoy.

pRAFs said...

Happy bored day Mahek!

"forced" spectator,really?

Mahek said...

SP, kiski? :P

Anil, thanks buddy. I guess it makes me the Shane Warne of conversation :D

Prafs, it's a reference to a famous poem called Confessions of a Born Spectator by Ogden Nash :)

Homer said...

Happy Birthday Mahek :)


Rohit said...

Happy Birthday, Mahek!