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Anonymous bunch

by bored cricket crazy indians

There are ways to refresh a tri-series in Sri Lanka, they extend beyond resting Bhajji. Rest the whole lot of them. Play an alternate eleven, rekindle some of the Sharjah magic – the Mohinder Amarnath Benefit series.

Hold on to some of Laxman’s form, inject some into Dravid. See if he can make the transition from a T20 kid to a one day player. The test player could be lurking somewhere.

New captain please, pick Virat Kohli – least this way he will play, and not be elbowed out by Nohit and Yuvraj on reputation. It’s impossible to beat these dudes on reputation; unlike the norm with spoilt brats, their fathers go around saying, “oye, tujhe patta nahin mera beta kaun hai?! (you don’t know who my son is).

You know, Parthiv Patel is all grown up and married, and it’s been a long time we abused someone’s keeping other than MS and BossDK’s.

Need another middle order batsman, who better than Manoj Tiwary. Need a weak link, pick Yusuf Pathan. Want a family pack, bargain deal, pick Irfan Pathan too.

One Munaf Patel please. Two Ajit Agarkars (because you never know which one will turn up). Want a spinner – no, we don’t have any, will a slow bowler do? Bring back Murali Kartik; why? Because BossDK can’t make it, and every team must have a Kartik, give or take an h.

Looks like we need another batsman, how about Saurabh Tiwary. MS’ sponsors will be happy, if not Mahi, at least a Mahi clone.

12th Man, Che Pujara. Because no matter what, we must make sure he doesn’t play.


Mahek said...

You mean Saurabh Tiwary at the end.

Gaurav Sethi said...

thanks man

Megha said...

Now that is what i call a team...we should field this team at the WC...y'know...shock-n-awe tactics on the opposition

Govind Raj said...


How about giving amnesty to Dinesh Mongia and bringing him back? He is the best spinner in India since Bishen Singh Bedi. He is so stiff, no part of his body could be bent, absolutely straight !

Gaurav Sethi said...

Absolutely hilarious Govind.
Nayan should join him too.

vmminerva said...

I wouldn't mind watching this match. Cheers! ;-)