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by pRAFs

No, it ain't runnin' wild like Hulkamania, It's all smooth and easy and chilled out and a bit bad at running actually. But Laxmania is still bloody cool.

It's all wristy flicks from a foot and a half outside off stump to the leg side fence.
It's the languid pull shot which only seems to come out only when he's bothered to.
It's the li'l push off the backfoot that looks like it can get a single at the most, but ends up reaching the fence,easy.
It's the ridiculously easy slip catching
It's all that and then some.

Now to come to the point. It's been way too long that Laxman's got the credit that he DOES deserve for holding up the lower middle order. Like Mahek pointed out its always about Viru, RD, Sach and the talented Yuvraj Singh and Dada, when he was playing. Gotta admire the fella for just putting his head down and carrying on with the good work.

Most of us must be tired of listening to the words EDEN GARDENS, every time he steps out to bat.Him, may be, more than us.
 Today's knock not only gives them morons something new to rave about, but also makes us realize what he's been doing all these years, almost unnoticed. May be because people always expected him to score THAT 281 all the time and didn't realise the worth of the li'l 50's he would get.
He has played a few innings where he looked all smooth and splendid till 40 odd and then guided one to slip or edged one back onto the timber.and also does expose the tailenders when he's batting with them  But always remember him contributing while India's batting has needed that spark.

One inning i remember is that quick 30 something while chasing 200 odd against Waugh's Australia in Rahul's test(200 and 50*). But believe me if Lax hadn't scored that easily.. there was always a chance of things getting messy. That one inning can describe most of his career I guess, very important knocks, but someone else always takes the credit.

So high time we start paying due respect to the Stylish Hyderabadi. Let Laxmania take control!
Or may be let's just call ourselves Laxmaniacs and look less than bothered, That's what VVS would do.

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