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The Sandwich Maker

by Bored Guest

They first sandwiched a test series between two ODI series. Then they sandwiched a poor pitch between two good ones.

First the base: the Asia Cup: Plenty of context. You'd think it's at the bottom and no one cares about it but it matters. Your appetite can always use ingredients from all over the subcontinent adding their own flavours. The Boom Boom especially was entertaining. There were a few complaints that it was good for brunch but not exactly great for evenings under lights.

The stuffing. Three layers of it. Some important Indian ingredients were missing so it was always gonna be a little imbalanced.

Galle was a Sri Lankan delicacy, it takes getting used to to. Some can have it for 4 out of 5 courses, some can barely keep it in. Watching the non regulars struggle with it can be entertaining.

SSC was stale meat. Just a lot of chewing. Just when you'd feel like you were about to extract some juice, there came more chewing. Tasted like road. Left with no choice when some of their old stuff became spoilt, India toyed with a new ingredient which surprisingly tasted good with the fine old wine. it was the highlight, I feel.

The P Sara. A good mix of greens and meat. The very, very special garnishing left you with a good taste if you didn't enjoy the Galle and the SSC.

Overall I'd say they got it right, but the stuffing within the stuffing can improve. That's the road I refer to.

And on top, from the once wildly popular Sharjah house of bread loaves: The Tri Series. It looks good and universally appealing for all practical purposes the complaints about batting first have come back. Some people said the bread felt spongy.

by Crownish
blogs at FCKING BLOG (Fantasy Cricket Kings Blog)

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