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Guess what advise Azhar gave the fixers

by Gaurav Sethi

Did he sing Cat Steven's father to son, "I was once like you are now, just relax, take it easy..." Or what? Say it sister, brother, one love... the answer with the most likeness to Azhar's will be dispatched to the fixers. And if possible, appear in a post. Anyone for badminton, wouldn't that be nice?


Subash said...

you know, the boys tried hard, but it just didn't work out, you know. (throw in some shrugs)

Govind Raj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Govind Raj said...

Boys, Koi fikr na karna. Yeh toh abhi shuruaat hai. Ek din yeh Bijli-ani Jwaala banke phehel jaayegi ! Aur aap bhi MP ya Minister banoge ! Phir toh Cricket pe humaara hi 'Raaj' hoga. Yeh baat to "FIX" Hai !!!

NC, This is exactly what Azar told the new generation fixers !

Unknown said...

You got busted for betting on a no-ball?! you gotta be kidding me! You give all self-respecting fixers like us a bad name! If you gotta fixit, fixit big, baby!