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Making the Champions League India Ready

by KhufiaBaaz

The surprise entry of the Banglaore Royal Challengers into the CLT20 semi-finals has stalled some of the BCCI’s earlier plans. With a strong possibility of no IPL team making the semis again, the BCCI was seriously considering fielding six of the ten IPL teams next year – from the winners right down to the fifth and sixth placed teams. It’s learnt there was also talk of playing eight teams, but as one board member stated, “we must be subtle in our intentions, six teams is subtle, nobody will notice”. Now with the possibility of two IPL teams making the semis, there is talk of reducing the number of IPL teams for next years’ CLT20 down to two from three. This is flexible, depending on whether CSK makes the semis tomorrow. There is also talk of somehow accommodating the Mumbai Indians in next years’ semis. As one board member said, “this will help keep the core commentary team in high spirits”. Both Ravi and Sunny concurred.

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