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Not again...yes again!

by KhufiaBaaz

After the initial defeats of the Indian and Sri Lankan teams, Mumbai Indians and Wayamba, BCCI and Sri Lankan Cricket officials have moved swiftly calling for a one-day series between the two nations. Even though the itinerary isn't decided, both cricket boards are praying for an early exit of the IPL teams, along with Wayamba. According to a Board official, "We have our fingers crossed, hopefully the concerned teams won't make the semis".

Latest: CSK's big win has left the board officials exploring Plan B - a tri-series with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India in South Africa wherein the CSK players (esp MSD, Raina) play when available.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wont happen cos India are due to play Australia. Cheeka can send his Tamil Nadu team to boost up character ratings of Sri Lanka...