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Song for Che

by Gaurav Sethi

Let’s sing a song for Che

Why you ask, coz no one else will

He’s not yet branded or fully landed

In the mysterious world of fame us cricket grouse

He scores his runs, he takes his twos and he takes his ones

In between he makes triples

But why is it always the other kids who make the fucking ripples

Let’s sing a song for Che

Who’s that you ask? You fool, you don’t know who Che is?

He’s the hottest search on cricinfo, a billion people didn’t know him before

So do the math, how many are on the computer path

And you’ll figure, and it’ll kinda trigger, who are those guys

Who wanna find out about Che

Che, he’s no revolutionary, mercenary, or Cuba Gooding Jr’s bad boy

He’s a good lad, playing his cricket, scoring runs, playing for a state

Called Saurashtara, because it’s his birthright

To be playing for India.


Govind Raj said...

Some support for Che...

Love that :-)

pRAFs said...

Che, the hero that India needs, (imagine me saying that like gordon from batman, the dark knight)

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