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Team Building Exercises for Chennai Super Kings

by Gaurav Sethi

CSK and India Cements owner, N Srinivasan hops into the hall in an India Cements sack, followed by Kris Srikkanth and the resident CSK astrologer, also in their cement sacks.

Srikkanth: Wadducallit ImGoingHoppingMadInSacks…

Astrologer: Shhh Sri sir will hear you, shhh...Sri Sir…you’re enjoying hopping

Srinivasan: I have not digested my lunch only

Astrologer: For team morale sir, we must lead the ways

The CSK team is gathered in the hall, they start to get into their CSK India Cements' sacks.

Srikkanth is excited, he's just spotted his son, and makes an effort to run-hop to him in his sack…

Srikkanth: Wadducallit MySon…Anirudha

In his excitement, Srikkanth trips himself, and falls over in the sack; Anirudha embarrassed titters weakly at his mates…

Astrologer: Aaah there you are Mathew Hayden..I was telling Sri Sir that like you played lucky mascot in IPL you will play lucky in semis

Hayden: But I don’t wanna play, mate….ummm Hussey should play…

Srinivasan: Should we start the sack race…boys

Hayden: Can I hit the sack, mate…don't wanna play nuthin no more

Badrinath in sack, tries to get off the bench but falls..MSD reprimands him

MSD (to Badri): Areh, you don’t need an early start…you will come later

Badri sullen face sits back on the bench

Srikkanth can be seen pushing his son forward, while the son tries to shrug  him off. Vijay tries to hop ahead – not hopping straight, he attempts to hop across the line and falls.

After Vijays early fall, MSD shouts at Badri to come off the bench…while the astrologer is still pushing Hayden. Murali is frowning, someone has made the 8 in his 800 t-shirt a zero. Raina puts on skates and gets into the sack. His fate, not to different from Vijay’s. Hussey meanwhile is half way across the hall, Badrinath has just started, Kemp can’t fit into a sack..

MSD (to Hayden): Where’s Morkel, Matt

Hayden: Ummm he hit the sack, mate..

MSD: No he didn’t, I don’t see him in the sack, mate

Hayden walks away, thought blurb over his head – “these Indians”, thought blurb over MSD’s head, “these Aussies”.

A sexy CSK groupie starts to flirt with MSD and asks him

Groupie: Know you’re married and all, but you wanna hit the sack with me...

MSD (bewildered, twitches and then winks): Areh? How does my being married stop me from playing in the sack with you

Groupie jumps with joy and nearly jumps MSD there…

MSD (as if looking into camera): Ub hoga usli mukabla!

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