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Spearhead DAK (or , SpeeDax) - 1

by Bhaskar Khaund

First post in a series inspired by  ZAK who - rightfully as our spearhead - takes it upon himself to walk up  from his fielding position for a chat before every delivery to enthuse , energise and encourage whoever happens to be bowling. Our superhero protagonist in this series is Spearhead DAK , or SpeeDax  for short.

We come in during a match with bowler AA  at the top of his run up preparing to bowl the first ball of his over.

SpeeDax walks up to AA  from mid off.
SD : " Keep it wicket to wicket" - AA nods
X.1  FOUR  - straight delivery , no movement , nothing to it - driven straight down the ground

SpeeDax walks up to AA from mid off.
SD : " Man, go for around off stump line , let's get him to edge " - AA nods
X.2 FOUR - straying outside off - square cut powerfully to the fence

SpeeDax walks up to AA from mid off.
SD : " Thats alright AA, you're doing fine , he's gonna nick it soon , keep at it " - AA nods
X.3  FOUR - outside off again , comfortable bounce - batsman slashes over slip cordon , another boundary

SpeeDax walks up to AA from mid off.
SD : " Positive , AA , stay positive ! Shabaash " - AA nods
X.4  DROPPED ! - oh dear , good ball , pitched short , then got big on the batsman  who ended up lobbing the ball straight  to mid off but SpeeDax there spilled a regulation dolly , oh dear !  

SpeeDax walks up to AA from mid off.
SD : " Easy , easy does it ! Look here , try a slower one , that 'll get  the bastard " - AA nods
X.5  SIX !  - slower ball , read from a mile away - batsman goes down the track and lofts it straight over for maximum !

SpeeDax walks up to AA from mid off.
AA (very irritated) : " Oye ,  now what ?! "
DS (very taken aback) : "Er , nothing , ...nothing. Er , carry on."- AA looks upset
X.6  FOUR - rubbish delivery , attempted yorker converted into a juicy full toss , whipped away past square leg.

End of a disastrous over. 

1 comment:

achettup said...

That poor Abu Nechim... he looked half decent till you-know-who decided to pester him