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Time for TERI MAA KI!!!

by bored cricket crazy indians

Promo for India-Australia series

Music: Pink Floyd’s Mother

The Indian cricketers in their homes, blessed by their mothers. Each player touches his mother’s feet and is handed a bat or ball by his mother. The mother then wipes a tear as she commands her son to battle.

Music Changes to: Maa ka ladla

Elsewhere the Aussie cricketers are in their homes, patted, hi-fived and handed a bottle of Victoria Bitter by their mothers.

Music mix of Mother and Maa ka ladla goes under

As MSD and Ponting stick their faces into each other and snarl: TERI MA KI!

Bhajji forces himself into the frame, doing his Bhangra, fluttering the tri-colour.


Anonymous said...

Roy edges Bhajji out after breaking a bottle of VB on his head

Sujan Rao said...

Teri Maa Ki is back again!

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