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The lowdown on IPL4

by KhufiaBaaz

You want to know about IPL4, I’ll tell you. Today, 2 teams down, another one, Kochi, playing cliffhanger.

From 8 teams up to 10, then down to 7 or 6 is just a start. To ensure the Board’s pet teams continue winning, very soon it will be down to four teams. To ensure the number of games played don’t drop drastically each team will play the other ten times.

Then the semi-finals, where again, all the Board’s pet teams will qualify. But fikar not, the top team will be rewarded – they will play the bottom team.

Then the finals, which will be a best of five games. Initial talks with Benson & Hedges have been promising.


Dheeraj Batra said...

The 4 teams will be CSK, CSK2, CSK3 and CSK4

Som said...

While can't differ with Dheeraj, was wondering at the IPL arithmetic of 8+2=7