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That’s right, drop Virat Kohli again

by Gaurav Sethi

There is a hierarchy in place, Kohli is way down in it. Scoring runs, winning matches, not sucking up to the media can go against you. Today, Kohli was picked to play, to fill the numbers, big Daddies were on autumn break, he cramped his way to a hundred. There are enough reasons not to pick him for the next one-day side – Nohit Sharma needs a break to fulfill India’s World Cup prophecy, Yuvraj Singh has to play to discover the Americas and his form, Kohli – he can always come back, score his way to selection, the others, they need tender loving care.

Oh, and if the sarcasm is lost on you selectors, hope you enjoyed his celebrations as much as I did – showing the finger with the bat is way cooler. Especially when you can start partying way before your runner completes the hundredth run. Run for Kohli, run for someone who picks himself without his uncle.

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