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Main dekhega

by Bored Guest

"It's wonderful that we have been able to play so much Test cricket. In the last few years we have played a reasonable amount of Test cricket. At one stage, in the early nineties, I hardly got any Test matches. Couple of Test occasions there were just two or three Tests in a year. It was disappointing. That is not the case now." - Sachin Tendulkar, after overtaking Steve Waugh as the player with most test appearances.

After an indirect thank you from Sachin himself, the match fixers at the BCCI, uhm.. I mean the match schedulers at the BCCI have done one better. I like the schedule for the current series against Australia, it's ensured that all the weekends over the next month will see cricket. They've taken a step to make sure that if the game's happening at an empty stadium, at least people elsewhere get to watch it on TV.

The first test began today, which works out fine because I don't have to watch India on the first day of a series, normally the worst show we put on. I get to watch them turn up over the next two days and mount a legendary fight-back, bowling Australia out in a dramatic session, then Sachin & Dravid consolidate over day 3 after Viru & Gambhir get us to a quick 100 before falling in quick succession. Worst case scenario Australia declare after punishing us for a day and two sessions before bowling us out for a huge first innings lead in two sessions.

The second and unfortunately last test does one better by starting on a Saturday. Imagine Dhoni's CSK luck with the toss, puts the batsmen in against the Aussie quicks on Bangalore's pacy, bouncy pitch. Probably the worst case scenario again. I think we'd be better off bowling first. No, wait. Never mind.

And finally, a gentle easing out with the three ODI series beginning and ending on Sundays, the middle one, a day/night match rescuing a Wednesday.

So yeah, dear BCCI match fixers, thank you for scheduling matches on weekends, which I thought you had a policy against after looking at the SA tour schedule from earlier this year. Good on you!

PS: I''ve already missed Zak mouthing off Pricky. I hope they ration out the excitement over the next few days with focus on the weekend.

by Crownish
blogs at FCKING BLOG (Fantasy Cricket Kings Blog)


Gaurav Sethi said...

Like the headline, a dig at Sachin's Main Khelega, right?

crownish said...

yeah, teenager SRT had some killer dialogue delivery. This one and the 'Mi Abdul Qadir la tadi dila'

crownish said...

“Kamblya, mi Abdul Qadirla tadi dili.” (‘I whacked Qadir’)