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Operation Kamran Akmal

by KhufiaBaaz

By now anyone who follows Pak cricket knows Kamran Akmal is a regular, even if he’s highly irregular. When he’s dropping catches or dropped from the team, the pro-Akmal powers conspire to plot his return. Replacement wicketkeepers are maimed, blamed, tamed, so Akmal can stroll back into the squad. But now the time has come for Akmal to replace himself – what the mainstream media calls an appendicitis operation is actually a surgery on his hands. Having dropped the most catches in the history of the game, Akmal has spent a fortune on a ‘soft hands’ surgery. He was heard yelling in the OT –“Surgeon bhai, Surgeon bhai, middle pe dalna.”. Soon the anesthetics kicked in and he dropped off to sleep.

1 comment:

Soulberry said...

middle pe daalna! Surgeon ke haath me churi that...and he dropped it!