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Laxman, an average cricketer.

by Gaurav Sethi

I like averages. Batting averages, bowling averages, the whole lotta them averages, and while they don’t always single out your average Joe, it’s ok by me.

Over time I’ve noticed how Laxman’s average has climbed, from his 44 point something, up and up, and when I look at it now, it’s 47.40. That’s gotta ring to it; if he ends his career with that, Azhar can approach him, and open a gym called 47.40. Anyone know what Azhar’s gym was called?

When I look at his 47.40 average, I think of Laxman as a player with a 50+ average. How would that be, does he deserve a 50+ avg, what am I saying, who deserves an average, it’s calculated. Going by the crates of runs he’s scored in the last few years, he’s almost negated some of those early years, that were all about sexy 30s, and a cut to gully or point’s hands.

When I look at his 47.40 average, I think of Zaheer Abbas’ 44.79 average. Zaheer’s average surprised me, going by runs he scored against India, I expected his average to be 99.94

And now it hits me, while a 50+ average sounds swell for VVS, it doesn’t quite cut it for me – in my book of averages, he’s more a 71.47 player. Here’s to more not-outs. Here’s to our man, Laxman.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yupp!!! Sometimes average can be misleading. For e.g. Dhoni's average is 50 in ODIs but against SA and Australia, it's 20.
Is par bhi ek article likha ja sakta hai :))