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Watching cricket from the womb.

by Gaurav Sethi

Driving past JNS yesterday, the chat swerved towards the first India South Africa ODI played there, some million years’ ago. The young apprentice, Bored Member Mahek, rambled off numbers and figures like his first name was Clive, and his second, Rice. He informed me how 287 was a good score but India was doomed when both Shastri and Manjrekar tonked tons. Yeah, yeah, I nodded. That was one of the few one-dayers I watched, and was doomed to remember, but how the hell did Mahek? Could it be because it was played on 14th November, Nehru’s birthday (Childrens’ Day) – and Mahek, as a child, or even before, was being given a rare treat – ok, beta, sit in front of the TV for 7 hours today!

Across the 4 hours that our Bored Meeting lasted, Mahek consumed chicken with great gusto, and spouted cricket trivia with aplomb. He even spotted an infantile cricket fan in a Delhi Daredevils’ jersey.

And what about the other Delhi Bored Members – SP was business lunching, K was golfing in Bangalore, AEL on his extended honeymoon, while Som was rioting at his new office.

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