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Dhoni, give the paparazzi some privacy.

by KhufiaBaaz

I was there when MS and his missus dipped and splashed in the Arabian Sea. But like Brutus, I am an honorable man. Me and my zoom lens looked the other way. But my photographer friends, not so lucky, they were being wooed by MS and his missus – there was no chase or challenge to this. This was out in the public domain. Some parents even sent their mobile camera equipped kids into the sea – surely these pictures will surface soon, as will the videos, in Palika Bazaar, where else.

But this is nothing. Appears before the sea, MS and his missus were quite keen to splash in the water logged ground. But the excellent drainage proved to be their undoing. I laughed with a fellow scribe – “haha the ground's not good enough for MS and his men haha nor is it good enough for MS and his missus haha”. When MS heard what I said, he wasn’t amused. He challenged me to try and splash in the ground. I agreed it wasn’t easy. Of course.

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