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When 50>200

by Crownish

To be exact, when 73*>204*

A 73* becomes that much more valuable when the best batsman in the world cannot muster more than 38 runs. When the opposition just has to turn their arms over and the pitch will do the rest to dismiss the batsmen. Or the umpire will. When your back hurts so much that you can't stand up, sit down or do anything that won't hurt like a mofo. When all your hard work can be undone by the tiniest error of judgement on someone else's part. When no one around you cannot keep their mind straight with the tension and the excitement and anger and frustration and the hope and disappointment. When you know everything you've done in the past, no matter how great will not be remembered, all that doesn't matter as much as what you're doing now.

The 204* becomes insignificant when it comes from the blade of a captain who refused to enforce the follow on and promoted himself to number 3, having failed in the first innings. When it comes on the back of a 394 run first innings lead. When it comes from someone who thinks the job is done by having made it international cricket, someone who can't understand why people don't remember that neat knock he played that time.

Yuvraj's knock is what should be the stuff of legends, a classic response to doubters but it just doesn't feel right, despite the win. Laxman's knock in a match where either team could have a dozen things to fault for their loss was the reaffirmation of a faith. A fifty that's a hundred times more valuable, more memorable, more significant than a double century.

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