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Angelo's Alright

by Crownish

How could you take Angelo Mathews seriously?The scorecard says he took three wickets in an over in the semifinal of the T20 World Cup. But you and I know it was the inside edges and thigh pads that did the job then. I thought he'd get a few more games here and there before finding himself on his way out.

Sri Lanka thought they'd struck gold though and stuck with him. He turned up on Sri Lanka's tour of India. I snickered. When the commentator on AIR repeatedly called him Angela. When he ran himself out on 99 at Brabourne, as if he were Sri Lanka's answer to Shane Watson, all-rounder and nervous nineties nincompoop. I snickered when he had to return home midway through the following ODI series with an injury.

But then I went to see an IPL match this year. One SL player, Vaas, looked like he would finish the match early, lowering the vasool on my paisa. When another SL player, Mathews, however, stepped in and fought back. From guessing what over KKR would be all out by, we were now thinking KKR had it in them to go all the way this year. Mathews played and he flayed increasing my RoI and SRK's, even hitting a six in the row right in front of me. 
Cold logic had me make him the trump player in my fantasy team that day but he became a favorite from then onwards.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm an Bored Cricket Crazy Indian and I approve of Angelo Mathews.


Sujan said...

From the day he's come to Sri Lankan squad he has shown that promise. Already he is being depicted as the future captain ahead of Dilshan in Sri Lanka.

I've had timely chats with Angelo Mathews in the past year and he is one of my fav cricketer too. I approve of Angelo Mathews :)

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

If he keeps going like that for the next 2 ODI's, I'll approve of him as well.

This is great for England, Australia's confidence must be getting close to rock bottom by now.

I must admit in the past I'd never had Mathews down as that good a cricketer and one who could pull off a victory like that. It could be that I'd not taken much notice of him, I don't know.

But he is certainly looking good now, that is for sure. He could well be a star man at the World Cup.

Great blog by the way, I've blogrolled you on my site.



Crownish said...

Sujan, I think that's more because Dilshan's proved to be bad. I thought Kapugedara was in their leadership pool but atleast Mathews walks into the team across all formats.

Dean, thank. you for the blogroll. I felt the same in the beginning when SL used him primarily as a bowling all-rounder. They've pushed him higher since then and he's done much better. Definitely their big card for the WC, ahead of Mahela I'd say
I wouldn't think Australia are dead until they've been buried for five years, that's the fear they've instilled in me.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Crownish, yes I know where you are coming from. Even with rock bottom confidence I still wouldn't write Australia off.

Afterall, it's only a few weeks back that they were on the verge of going 1 up in the series against India.

It's all down to fine margins.