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Mrs. Dravid Confesses

by Gaurav Sethi

"There's no privacy anymore...wherever we go he seems to find fielders"


Govind Raj said...

NC... Too quick and too good !

I tweeted this...

Rahul Dravid batting to save India from follow on, Innings defeat and a Pandemic of Small Pox...

Who will save us from Rahul Dravid ?

And then the old fellow started to miss the fielders ! His timing has deserted him now !

Bradders said...

Very good as always!

Just wondering if you could the Compulsive Hooker ( to your side ticker tape of blogs?

I'll do the same to you. Cheers

Sujan said...

Hillarious ! Wall looks shaky right now. But he's a Karnataka product, he'll fight back just like JUMBO did.

And nice to know that this post was featured in 'The Sunday Guardian' ( the "Other Stuff We Like" Column