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India to field weakened side for second game

by KhufiaBaaz

After a second string side beat New Zealand in Guwahati, the selectors are determined to pick an even weaker team for the 2nd one-dayer. Virat Kohli continues to be a spoke in the wheels, staying the selection of India’s next great batsman, Rohit Sharma. A selector who claims to be from no zone in particular yet always in the zone, claims Sharma’s selection will have a long term impact on where India will be ten years on, whereas Kohli is scoring all these hundreds now, but lacks the staying power of a Sharma. He further added that Twenty20 will be the only format played in 2020, for which Sharma is a must-have.

Naturally the return of the two Ys, Yuvraj and Yusuf, is not entirely a cricketing one. The selector says, Yuvraj fills the stands faster than free passes to the girls while Yusuf’s monster hits into the stands make the spectators feel like they’re an integral part of the game. Can you imagine holding a freshly smoked ball, that too by Yusuf Pathan? The board is in talks with a chewing gum company to have the gum pasted on Yusuf’s 6s. Bubbles will be a bonus.

To make the next match far more competitive, Yuvraj will not bowl, will Yusuf will bowl his full quota of ten overs.

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