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New Zealand Cricket to investigate Vettori, Martin

by KhufiaBaaz

India reeling at 82/6, what more could a Kiwi want? If you’re one of the suits at New Zealand Cricket (NZC) this was obviously not enough. Far from it, appears NZC will investigate why Chris Martin was underbowled – bowling 13 of the 40 overs sent down in India's 2nd innings on the fourth day. A fitness test was carried out on both Vettori and Martin soon after stumps, gauging the sanity of their bowling options. While tests were carried out on Martin’s bowling arm, Vettori’s brain was put under the scanner. Martin bowled 13 overs, taking 5 for 25. When questioned, Martin snapped, “Do what you will, I'm not gonna lose hair thinking about this”. Vettori’s specs fogged up, seen by many as a show of guilt. On further questioning, Vettori shrugged, and hung his tongue out. There was something amiss.

1 comment:

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Vettori clearly wants to keep Martin fresh for the run chase, it's obvious.

In fairness, if NZ bowl India out and need around 200, it's a safe bet that they will make hard work of it.