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Oh no, it’s Yusuf Pathan again

by Gaurav Sethi

First the selectors refused to drop him. He refused to score runs. Didn’t matter. He refused to take wickets. Didn’t matter. Then they stopped playing the IPL highlights package, and everyone realized, Yusuf doesn’t score run in real-time anymore. He was dropped.

But today’s Ranji game could prove devastating. He scalped No.10 Hooda. Figures of 1 for 12. And then, take that you *#$% 65 of 47, 6 4s, and 4 6s (how lyrical). Tomorrow if he scores a hundred, it could even undermine Bhajji’s – is that a bad thing? Which begs the question, who of the two is a better batsman? And of course, an even more relevant question, who of the two is a better bowler?

While Bhajji fires with the bat when you least expect him too in tests, Yusuf’s test career hasn't fired off so far. A thought just came to me, why not undermine the Kiwis some more, play Yusuf against them.

Ridiculous? Hardly, he’s played 37 ODIs, and threatens to, with each domestic whirlwind, play a 38th. That I cannot take. With each Ranji knock, he demeans our Gross Domestic Product. I say, recreate an international environment each time Yusuf chews his way to the centre. Bouncier pitches, bouncier deliveries, 6 bouncier(s) per over. Why the hell doesn’t he go South Africa and play there? England? Australia, c’mon Shane, work something out for your favourite sunny boy.

The day Yusuf learns to counter the short ball, he will chew less, and blow more bubbles.


Golandaaz said...

195...hmmmm hard to ignore him :-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hey Golandaaz, after his double chasing 500+ in the Duleep Trophy finals, I feel he's underachieved here.

Golandaaz said...

Certainly, that was an awesome knock