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On Kamran Akmal’s birthday, we predicted Adnan Akmal’s birth. (and other stories with Mick Jagger)

by Gaurav Sethi

Three Akmals. And the fourth?

Way back on January 13 this year, our forecast called for a new reign – that of Adnan Akmal. You can read about it here.

But did you know –

As kids the Brothers Akmal were inseparable. More so when they were part of the Cricket Training Camp in POK. They were the best, and fondly called The Three Akmals (an obvious reference to the Three Amigos by Senor Sajith, the only Pakistani bullfighter)

To enlist in the school, parents used to often fudge their kids names as Akmal - Azhar Akmal, Imran Akmal and Wasim Akmal were favoured names for boys, while Anjum Akmal was a favourite for girls. But that was not enough. The lips were a clear giveaway, and only the fullest of lips, with the deranged delinquent look could make it through.

Desperate parents tried everything – even bee stings on their kids’ lips. But they could never quite recreate the Jaggeresque fullness of the Akmals’ lips.

Which brings us to the chance encounter of the Brothers’ Akmal with Mick Jagger – Mick looked at them, and snapped, “Who’s your Daddy?” Confused, Kamran Akmal took Mick to be the eldest of their brothers - and ran behind him, through vast areas of the Hindu Kush, yelping, “Mick Bhai, Mick Bhai…” To which Mick snapped again, “Get off of my cloud”.

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