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Player Profile: Peter Siddle

by Gaurav Sethi

crumpled paper, he likes
Peter Mathew Siddle or PMS, as he was taunted as a teenager, got along just fine with the girls. Before cricket, he was a wood chopper, and an unusual one at that – he chopped wood with his teeth. He took his first hat-trick at 13, second at 26, on the first day of the Ashes in Brisbane on his birthday. He even cut the celebratory cake with his teeth. And laughed, showing off his math skills, “ah mah next hat-trick be when am 39…so I plan to play for a long time”. It was later learnt from his victims, that more than the bowling, it was the fearful prospect of looking Siddle in the eye that lost them their wickets. To which Siddle laughed, “my eye not in mah mouth haha”. Clearly Siddle’s fitness was debatable again.


Rishabh said...

Yeah. He is exactly 10 years elder to me. So on my 29th birthday, he will be taking the next hat-trick whereas by not playing in IPL, he will lose a lot of opportunities. I'll overtake his count of 3 hat-tricks if I pursue cricket as a career and IPL as a money making option.

Beat that Siddle!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Happy Bored Day Rishabh!