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Jaipur one-dayer tied in knots.

by KhufiaBaaz

New Zealand scored 258, India, with a wide, and two byes, made it 259. Even then it was unclear whether the match was over. At the post-match conference, Shastri reminded Gambhir that New Zealand’s 259 was a good score. Gambhir echoed Shastri’s sentiment, agreeing that 259 indeed was a good score.

In light of what was spoken on television, it is learnt that the Jaipur match stands tied. To correct this, the Kiwis will play one more delivery, score another run, and arrive at 259. After which the Indian team will return to score the winning run.

It was also debated whether Ravi Shastri along with the Hon’ble committee in their white jacket-black pants and kurta pajama-muffler combos can return for another post match conference, and carry out a quick edit wherein Shastri and Gambhir correct themselves stating “258 was a good score” instead of 259.

This possibility was ruled out when the cameraman walked out, flatly refusing to film the clowns again.

1 comment:

Govind Raj said...

259 was a good score... That is what India scored right ?

Both were talking about India's 259. Since New Zealand also were there, so they had to mention them that is all. Courtesy !

Athithi Devo Bhava !


Sanjay Hazare seems to be getting worse with every match ! He changed the course of the match today !