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Y Pathan? is back. Not funny.

by Gaurav Sethi

(1st ODI, Guwahati)

Dread days like this, when Y Pathan? returns, and does something remotely useful. I ask, why Pathan? He scored runs, not many, but enough to answer at seven for the way he made them. Dropped off a full toss, and then caught off a full toss. Before that, a six, which is what they want at seven – someone who hits sixes. And now Y Pathan? is the new first slipper – 3 catches to his name. Small mercies he bowled his first over for 15, and an improvement was 9 of the second.

But this is little trivia. Y Pathan? plundered in the Ranji’s as he often does. He returns as he will exit, almost as if he is periodically rested. Both fulfill some street parrot prophecy. You and I can call it too. Oh look, there walks in Y Pathan? And today he played New Zealand, ask Gambhir, he will tell you what sort of team they are.

He didn’t even bat at 7, came in at 6. More than Y Pathan?, it’s the selectors that want him to play this World Cup.

(2nd ODI, Jaipur)

Today, a wicket of his first ball. Looking at him celebrate, you’d think he just got Ross Taylor out. Which he did. Bowled only 4 overs, for a run less than Motera. Some improvement. Y Pathan? did not bat today.

Note: We will refer to Yusuf Pathan as Y Pathan? as there is still a question mark to his name. Say it, Y Pathan? Bewildered?


Cricket Videos said...

Oh Common! While I do see the funny side of the post and certainly agree or rather doubt on the role of Y Pathan? in ODI's one has to see why he keeps coming back. Earlier it was the Ranji performance and later the challenger performance.

Many people criticize him in his technique and his vulnerability with the short ball and that he is able to play only in India.

But wait, the next world cup "is" in India.

He is not a valuable bowler but a handy bowler at times. Pull out the record books and see how many times he has picked a wicket in the first over.

His success in IPL and domestic cricket lies in him coming up the order and getting sufficient time at the crease. With international he gets a chance to bat in 3 out of 7 matches, scores a 30 in one and is dropped in the next series.

Mahek said...

Motera? The first match was at Guwahati!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Read it of the list, first test Motera

Gaurav Sethi said...

CV, In addition to first over wickets, no matter where YP bats, he has a tendency to get out first ball, and it's usually to a thoughtless shot.

More than technique, it's his mental isn't quite there.

He's the closest India has to Afridi.

Cricket Videos said...

Well I was proven right today.

3 wickets
A century
an improbable win!