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Player Profile: RP Singh

by Gaurav Sethi

RP Singh knocked over another man of initials, KP, once at Lord’s and twice at Trent Bridge, with inswingers so big, hawkeye crashed. Nothing RP did subsequently lived up to this, though he did grab six in Perth, wear a coloured cap in the IPL and speak faster than any bowler in the league. RP can bat, and like most of his bowling mates in blue, hopes to make the national squad on the back of his batting as bowling counts for little these days. Once drove many a mile in his captain’s new Hummer.

1 comment:

Govind Raj said...

RP is a better bowler than Munaf and Nehra. Needs some support when he goes erratic. Unfortunately, the bowlers never get the kind of support that has been extended to Nohit time and again !