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Steyn alive, but just

by KhufiaBaaz

After slaving through 31 overs, the most by any bowler so far, Dale Steyn will bowl unchanged in the Indian second innings. Out of 117.1 overs, Steyn bowled less than half the overs – he could have bowled as many as 58 overs, but Smith wanted to save him for India’s second innings - “No matter what the workload is, he is ready to go all out for his team”, said Smith; while Steyn on conditions of anonymity told us he secretly prayed South Africa doesn’t score too many – “a lead of 150 is fine by me – we can get the Indians out in 50 overs, and I will only have to bowl 25 overs. But if the Indians get 250 plus then I will ask Smith to save me for the tailenders – that’s when I get a spring in my step and touch the 90 mph mark”.

Smith was also seen speaking to a masseur and physiotherapist about Kallis – “I don’t care, make him bowl, bat, the fielding is not a concern”. Meanwhile Kallis is looking to grow a beard now.

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