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Bresnan's Ballsy Review

by Samir Chopra

Tim Bresnan's attempt to get his dismissal overturned must rank as one of the silliest DRS appeals yet. Clutching at straws had nothing on this. More proof, if it was needed, that that eternally pampered creature, the batsman, has found more ways to throw a tantrum, that the DRS is far too often, not used to correct wrong decisions, but to merely check, in hope, if some mistake can be found under the lens,


straight point said...

and this also does not delay the match unnecessarily too... ;)

how many times we have heard in this world cup already that that was logical drs referral coz they had only one left... irrespective of knowing it was clearly out...?

Govind Raj said...

Dhoni has hit nail in the head when he said, "We can't take it home. So it is better we use them"

Most of them use it for the heck of it.

Unknown said...

Now that you have brought up the DRS, my mind again goes back to Gary Wilson's LBW earlier in the day during Ireland's chase of West Indian target.

Before that match, Ashoka de Silva had been challenged 4 times... and on all 4 occasions, his decisions had been overturned on DRS. And now, despite the assistance of DRS, he made an error more stupid than even that of Billy Bowden to deny Ireland a chance to go for a win.

Ashoka de Silva, to my mind, is the least elite in the Elite Panel... does not deserve to be there at all!