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India vs Pakistan vs You vs The Voices In Your Head (World Cup Semis, Live with the Bored Members) - Welcome to KIRKITISTAN.

by bored cricket crazy indians

Early Bored Call: Too close to call, mind says India, mindlessness says Pakistan, and the heart, wadaya think it says

By the sound of it, Akmal will continue to play in this World Cup, and at some point there should be an India-Pak game. Don't you just know, man. I reckon Akmal will play that game – 4 out of his 6 test hundreds are against us, remember Karachi? That innings had teeth.

My gut says, Kamran Akaml will decide that India game. Remains to be seen, who he plays for that day. (From March 9, after Akmal dropped Ross Taylor twice on his birthday)

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