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Can West Indies cricket rejoice ?

by RajaB

Is this is renaissance they were waiting for ?

Have their faith in Stanford, which failed them then provided dividends now ?

Is this young little bunch the answer to the collective prayers of a million rum sipping mouths ?

Can all the middle fingers of the islands collectively raise towards the direction of NBA, NFL and other sports including promiscuity, and say “up yours” we’re gonna go upwards ?

I would say it isn’t time yet…

Wait for the next game

You’ve seen the Mr Hyde’s this game

They have a mouth that is known for loose motion, their mind works slow motion

This loss would make them comeback with a vengeance, only till the next match

Yes, they might have a friendly fire in their camp the day after the next match

An invocation of “Mother” and “Sister” and then you see them down the abyss, for a couple of matches of course

And then they have these many jobless ex cricketers in line, waiting for the TV camera. They would either blame the establishment or the establishment on the other side of their fence.

They can’t ever think of scrubbing their back or mending fences, for they only know stroke play

This is one good team which doesn’t be itself, for it is never let to…

They want to be nice because the international media is watching them and play for the twitter trends, then hop fences and play for the fringe press and the popular elements

You don’t get on to the cricket field to make a statement, you get there to enjoy yourself, play your game

And of course return winners

Well played West Indies, you are on the right track


Sunny said...

west india shining?

Govind Raj said...

Could be West India winning / whinging / wining / whining !

They can be anything on a given day !

Mahek said...

There are hardly any NBA and NFL players who were born and raised in the Caribbean. It's just a myth that's been used to cover up for just how shambolic the WICB is.

RajaB said...

@Mahek: I completely agree... There was a time when I tried to statistically prove that this was a myth. There actually are more players from central Europe in NBA than from anyother part of the world (if you are looking at people from other parts)...
@Govind: I agree, they were good when they bowled, but they are blow hot, blow cold... So you never know
@Sunny: That is a cheeky way to define things... If they do shine, then Oh yeah they are... If they don't, we can say another one went the same way the Indian opposition party went with this phrase :)