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The Indian, sorry, Chennai, captain!

by Samir Chopra

I noticed an interesting phenomenon during the World Cup. On more than one occasion, players were asked, during the post-match ceremonies, questions relating to their IPL teams. The one that stands out the most visibly for me was Shastri asking Dhoni about how it felt to be playing in front of his 'home crowd' in Chennai, after India had beaten the West Indies in the pool game. Does anyone else remember other similar incidents?

I found Shastri's question by far the most interesting because an Indian captain was being interviewed after an international game; the invocation of his professional franchise at that moment stood out.

So, two questions:

Who else was asked questions about the IPL? And who did the asking? Was it an IPL-related commentator in each case?

1 comment:

Golandaaz said...

remember harbhajan talking about playing the finals in bombay without even being asked.

IPL is slowly entering the conscience of players and commentators