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Obama and Akmal - Yes We Can

by Golandaaz

President Obama today announced that he will be releasing a revised edition of his best selling book "The Audacity of Hope". The revised edition will have a foreword by Kamran Akmal.

"I have always felt with the previous editions that something was missing. That I was never able to articulate and exemplify the audacity of hope", said President Obama

Then Kamran Akmal happened to him.

In a calculated attempt to reach out to the peoples of the subcontinent, President Obama had immersed himself in the recently concluded World Cup. He was advised by his cultural experts that understanding cricket is the quickest way to understanding the subcontinental culture. No one is sure whether that has helped him appreciate the subcontinent better but he was certainly taken in by the sheer incompetence of Kamran Akmal. Its something that has stayed with him for a long time.

He said, "I have never been able to forget that Kamran guy. I know a lot of incompetent men. My field of work often exposes me to such kind. But what stood out about Kamran was the way he conducted himself through the countless dropped catches. He showed me how if one is not good at his / her job, the least he / she could do is learn to enjoy doing it poorly"

Through his daily briefings with his Chief of Staff, President Obama had asked that he be kept abreast about the career of Kamran Akmal.

Yesterday morning when President Obama was informed about Kamran Akmal's statement that he would be open to play purely as a batsman if Pakistan can find a better keeper than him, he is reported to have jumped out of his chair and shout ..... "Yes, we can".

"I mean, here is a wicketkeeper who is so pathetic in his job and yet he is willing to entertain the possibility that there might, just might not be anyone better than him. This is hope and audacity at its most basic level. There is absolutely no one who can take my message on Audacity of Hope, better than Kamran Akmal.

1 comment:

Poshin_david said...

I wonder how he managed to be in the team so long....