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We are an ordinary team.

by bored cricket crazy indians

So are the Royal Challengers, how else did they take nearly 20 overs to beat us? I think we are just warming up, in the next few games our defeats will be more convincing – new players and combinations will be tried, and the regulars will lose whatever confidence they had in the beginning.

I have now been run out twice in six games. But getting run out without Gauti is not the same.

It’s very tough saying in English when you want to abuse in Hindi, but this Daredevils’ team is the worst IPL team ever. No player from this side has any chance to play for his national side – I can say that confidently for the Indian players at least. Maybe Warner plays T20 for Australia, but by the time he’s through with this season, he may not want to lift a bat again. He can become a fielding coach.

You may say that Morkel is already playing for South Africa, as I am for India, but then you don’t understand my argument.

I hope GMR will spend the money saved on buying this team wisely.

Your man,

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