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Sri Lankan players to "Work From Home" for England tour

by Bored Guest

Sri Lankan players are awaiting a response from the Sri Lankan Cricket Board on their proposal to allow them to "Work from Home". The proposal; which the Lankan cricketers claim has the backing of the PCA; is viewed by many in the World of Sport as a breakthrough that will spark innovation and productivity of sportsmen the world over.

Telecommuting is not an entirely new concept. For example in the US 40% of the workforce has telecommuted at least portions of their jobs as software programmers, call center operators and political campaign workers. Believers of telecommuting often site this as the only viable "going green" option with immediate, quantifiable, near term benefits to costs and the environment.

How exactly this model will work for the Sri Lankan cricketers on their upcoming tour of England has left many experts and fans perplexed, if not mildly amused.

Lasith Malinga, who is nursing an injury by playing for the IPL franchise, the Mumbai Indians, is the architect behind the proposal. Asked how he can play for a privately owned franchise while asking to be rested from Tests that Sri Lanka is scheduled to play in England, Malinga said, "Its part of the rehabilitation"

Lasith Malinga, chose to focus on the benefits of telecommuting to cricketers, especially in the age of IPL. "Look with telecommuting you can play in the IPL and play for your country. You won't have situations like Chris Gayle, where the poor guy is forced to play in the IPL instead of his country. You won't have to embarrass the BCCI by calling your players before the IPL finals to play side games on the England tour"

But isn't telecommuting for people who work from home? he was asked...

"Well IPL is our home". He added quickly.

"Look doctors can operate on their patients remotely, choirs are sung virtually over the Internet, software gets developed by people working from home. So why can't cricketers get to play remotely. This way we can play the IPL finals and show up for the first Test in Cardiff on Day 4 and play the rest of the game in person; after telecommuting for the first 3 days"

But where is the technology to support this?

"Look at the DRS...." he added

"Don't we have a DRS with no hot spot, snick-o-meter, reliable ball tracking technology and common sense in Billy Bowden? Why should lack of technology be a roadblock for my proposal? If we can implement the DRS using basically just "slow motion" - a technology invented in the 1930s, surely we can allow cricketers to telecommute using Video Conferences"

By Golandaaz
You can read Gol's opinions at his blog, Opinions On Cricket and on twitter,


Govind Raj said...

Fantastic !

sands said...

This is only site I see where i can sense folks being Embarrassed with what indian cricket is doing to West indies and sri lanka !! I hope this is indeed the case ..As a south bangalore kannada speaking bangalorean i care damm about chris gayle scoring century for franchise that has a name bangalore on it

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Billy Bowden and common sense, what an impossible combination that is.