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Harbhajan Singh and MS Dhoni 'Make it Large' Spoof Ad Controversy. (and us)

by bored cricket crazy indians

First came Bhajji's 'Make it large' ad for Royal Stag. Loads of production value and adspeak, they really should have spoofed it themselves before McDowells and MSD came along. Oh right, we spoofed it here, on X'mas eve last year.

‘Have I made it large?’ ‘Have I made it large?’ ‘Have I made it large?’

Pace up and down, parrot that line, what?

I bet Bhajji must have laughed his ass off when he did it, who knows, Bhajji and MS may have laughed about it too. What’s not to laugh?

I find the Royal Stag ads funny too– they’re soaked in sincerity (and of course whiskey, with that potent ‘Have I made it large?’ sly surrogate advertising push, the boys at Seagram’s and the agency had it all figured out.)

I'll say it again, it’s incredible someone’s taken so long to spoof the ads, this is easily the 3-4th Make it Large ad campaign. (Ok, ok, we did it)

Before I watched the ad, I heard about it on twitter, and saw some news reports.

What’s put everyone off is the portrayal of Bhajji’s dad who is no more. That was my first take, and pretty much what bored members SP and K had to say too.

By now you know, Bhajji’s Mom has served Mallaya’s UB group with a legal notice, and a scrap the ad in 3 days ultimatum.

Next? They should go spoof Gambhir’s Make it Large ad.

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